TechnoBuffalo: MusicCup Portable Bluetooth Speaker Great Value, Fun Design

Music Cup Green

Speakers, like headphones, often aren’t very fun or exciting to look at. Sure, some come in various colors, and you can find a variety of sizes, though it’s rare we ever find one that takes the shape of something else. And for that reason, we’re excited about a new product called MusicCup.

Music Cup Green

Here’s the gist: MusicCup is a compact portable speaker that is designed to look like a mug of sorts. In a crowded market of portable Bluetooth speakers the Music Cup looks to stand apart from the competition through its unique design and relatively inexpensive price ($49.99). The speaker streams music via Bluetooth (3.0) or a 3.5mm auxiliary port and a battery that can power the speaker for up to 6 hours at the highest volume level.

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