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Grace your ears with the audio quality you deserve and please your eyes with the innovative design you want with Music Cup, the latest in portable Bluetooth Speaker design.

Based in greater Seattle area, FieryBerry Studio believes in the integration of cool design and cutting-edge technology. This led to the design of the Music Cup—the world’s first portable speaker shaped like a real cup. We know how important it is to create a product that beautifully combines form and function, so we designed the Music Cup to be a higher-quality portable music speaker wrapped in a memorable package. The sound quality will blow you away. The aesthetics will add a modern flair to any room. Music Cup is the portable speaker for today.

However, we know looks alone can’t make a great speaker. We have integrated a number of auditory innovations in the Music Cup. The cup shape not only looks good, but it helps boost the sound quality, really allowing your music to flow forth. Ultimately, the Music Cup was made for everyone who seeks beauty in their life, whether it’s seen or heard.

So sit back, relax, and pour yourself a cup of music.

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