Music Cup – Good for More than Just Music!

Music Cup Bluetooth Speaker Black

Music Cup NFC Bluetooth Speaker has deservedly earned a reputation as a high quality portable speaker that can serve all of your music needs. No matter the style, artist, or genre, your music will sound great coming out of a Music Cup. Plus, the speaker itself is sure to catch attention.

However, Music Cup can do a lot more than just play music. I recently discovered this in a couple of contexts. First, you have to realize that I develop video games in my spare time. Obviously, audio makes up a big part of the gaming experience, but when I want to show off my latest creation I am limited by the internal speakers on my laptop. They just are not loud or clear enough to represent what my games actually sound like. However, thanks to Music Cup’s tiny size and easy Bluetooth connectivity, I can now show off my game to as many people that can fit around my computer at once—and every single one of them can hear everything perfectly.

I have also found Music Cup to be the perfect companion for impromptu movie and TV show viewings. Whether you are waiting on a flight, hanging out with friends, or simply have some down time, the Music Cup will vastly improve your mobile movie viewing experience. Just pair up the Music Cup to your smartphone or tablet, and suddenly you have a much more substantial, high quality movie than you ever could have had with your device’s internal speakers.

What other ways have you used your Music Cup? Share with us in the comments below!

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