Music Cup vs Jambox, HMDX, iHome, Beats, Creative and Other Bluetooth Speakers

In using Music Cup bluetooth speaker, one question inevitably may be raised: what differentiates this device from other portable wireless speakers? There’s no obvious shortage of Bluetooth speakers out there, after all. However, I have discovered a couple aspects that make the Music Cup stand out over other Bluetooth speakers, such as Jambox, HMDX, iHome, Beats and Creative products.

The most obvious distinction comes in the Music Cup’s design. It’s instantly eye catching, and friends are always pleasantly surprised to see that my music is coming out of the little black “coffee cup” sitting on my desk. It’s a conversation starter, and I love that in anything I own.

However, a speaker should really be about the audio quality. Bluetooth speakers can easily fall prey to one of two issues: tinny, empty audio with no bass at all or overly bassy audio that overwhelms any of the medium and high ranges. These two problems can work well enough with certain genres, but I listen to a wide variety of music, and I need a speaker that can accurately represent all genres. That’s where Music Cup had really shown its value as a wireless speaker tagged below $50.

I can go from playing the latest Glitch Mob track—full of growling bass and high progressions—to a classic Aerosmith song—all about the mid ranges and strong guitars—and have both songs sound just right. The bass is enough, and not overwhelming. Each instrument, singer, or sequence can be heard distinctly in its own part. This gives a complete soundscape to the music and best value that simply can’t be found in other Bluetooth speakers, whatever cheaper or more expensive.

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