My Cup of Music

Black Music Cup in the morning

I have a routine for my day. I have my breakfast, I brush my teeth, and I get to work. The food at breakfast may vary and the work can come in all forms, but ultimately the structure of my day remains just about the same. Yet none of this can happen without two cups: my cup of coffee and my cup of music.

The utility of the coffee should be apparent—I’m a writer after all—but the cup of music is just as important in fueling my day. I always set up my Music Cup and connect it to my computer or tablet (depending on where I’m working for the day). I then switch it on, queue up some tunes, and off I go on to my work. You see, music is essential to my brain working properly. It gives me something to filter out any outside noise. It gives me a rhythm and pace to type along to. It inspires me with the chord progressions, melodies, and voices.

Music Cup is the ideal solution for this daily routine, as it’s so portable. I often like to work from different locations in order to change up the scenery, and my Music Cup is so small that I can bring it along with me anywhere. That way, I always have a cup of music readily at hand to properly fuel my day.


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