Striking, Unobtrusive Design of Music Cup Bluetooth Speaker

Music Cup Bluetooth Speaker Black on desk

Compare to other brands on the market, like Bose, JBL, Jawbone Jambox, Beats or HMDX Jam, why would you want a wireless speaker that looks like a coffee mug? To be fair, this is a question I initially asked myself when I heard of the MusicCup as well. However, since using it I have seen the cleverness in its design.

Speakers usually take a rather prominent position in any setup. If you are setting up a home theater, you will have large speakers that stand out. Speakers often take up a large portion of a TV’s or a laptop’s body. Even iPod headphones are prominent in their stark white plastic. The Music Cup flips the script on big, obvious speakers to great effect.

Personally, I keep my Music Cup on my desk most of the time. When I play music through it, I get a nice clear sound without needing to fill up a chunk of my desk with needless speaker equipment. Even better, it’s always a fun moment when friends come over, hear the music, and wonder where it’s coming from.

Even in party environments, the inconspicuous shape of the MusicCup is a really nice touch. I can simply set up my MusicCup on a shelf, let the music play, and I don’t have to worry about anyone (who may have had too much to drink, perhaps) messing with my music. Who would mess with a coffee cup after all?

Music should be heard, not seen, and that’s precisely what Music Cup Bluetooth Speaker delivers.

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