The Surprising, Booming Bass of Music Cup Bluetooth Speaker

The Music Cup Black excellent bass

Certain speakers so often serve only to disappoint. Every pair of speakers or headphones is a little bit different, and each will play certain frequencies differently. For example, your laptop’s built-in speakers are almost certainly lacking in bass response, but some headphones have so much bass that the highs are inaudible. It is especially common for portable Bluetooth speakers to lack in the bass areas.

That’s why I was so surprised by Music Cup. Looking at the Music Cup, I didn’t see any obvious place for bass frequencies to come from. I expected slightly muted bass from my music. I was wrong.

Bass is very important in much of the music I listen to. Whether I am listening to the latest electro-house hit from Zedd, playing some relaxing tunes from alt-J, or simply blasting some classic Aerosmith, I need to hear the bass in a song. It fills out the auditory spectrum.

I played my first song on my Music Cup, “Head Is Not My Home” by Ms Mr, and I was blown away. The bass and low tom-tom drums came through just as clearly as the lead singer’s voice. I tested with a few more songs, just to make sure it wasn’t an anomaly. Every song has powerful, clean bass that did not overpower the rest of the music.

Music Cup differentiates itself from other portable speakers in this regard. This means I can play music for parties or simply when friends are hanging out, and it will sound just as good as if I lugged my bookshelf speakers along with me.

Hey, it might even be enough to get a couple people up and dancing—but we’ll have to wait and test that one for real.

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